SwingKart Handmade Round Hanging Red Black Sky Cotton Swing

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Swing ChairDetails:

  • Manufacturer : EcoWays-SwingKart
  • Item part number : EWSK-SRG-HBRC04
  • Item Dimensions: LxWxH : 55.5 x 25 x 18.5 Inch (141x 63 x 47 cm)
  • Included Components : Hanging Accessories
  • Item Weight : 2 kg 200 g

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  • ECOWAYS SWING CHAIR KIT: Having hammock swing in your home brings a sense of comfort. And, we have a swing chair that can make you feel all cozy and comfy. The best part about this cotton swing is that it is handcrafted while keeping nature at the top priority.ECO-FRIENDLY SWING CHAIR: This Swing Chair made up of recycled cane, recycled cotton thread-works, and recycled nylon thread-works will locate bloom, and add an extra tinge of comfort to your living space. The recycled materials are handcrafted together to come up with the best quality Swing Chair, that you can undoubtedly flaunt in front of all your guests.SIZE: The dimensions of this jumbo Swing are 150*70*65, enough for you to lay on to the Swing and spend your moments of peace on it. For added touch of comfort, you can use a super-cushiony pillow. It can even be decorated with fairy lights to add more charm to it. 

    SAFE &STRONG: The Ecoways SwingKart Chair is as sturdy as it is appealing. To make it support up to 120KG weight, thick recycled cotton ropes, premium-quality iron hooks and rod is used while handcrafting it. This Chair can easily be hanged through the wooden and concrete ceilings using a touch hanging hardware kit.

    OUTDOOR & INDOOR UTILITY:If you love sitting in gentle sunlight, and mild breeze, then hang this chair in the outdoors. If you want to use it as your living room or bedroom charm, then hang it in the indoors. It works both way, the choice is yours.

    HANDCRAFTED, ECO-FRIENDLY SWING:Add more allure to your home with this Ecoways SwingKart Hammock Chair made up of recycled materials, such as cotton, nylon, and cane. It is handcrafted with a green approach by our expert artisans to offer you oh-so-comfy vibes wherever you hang it in your home. It’s woven-net design always does justice with your décor and adds a classy touch to it.

Long Product description:

Swing Chairs are bliss to the souls who seek comfort while swinging in a special space of their home. Due to its durability and portability, some like to hang it in the patio to enjoy and see all seasons passing; while others like to have it indoors and sit & relax on it while having coffee or watching favorite show on the TV. So, buck up, and get ready to own this Swing Chair from Ecoways SwingKart to locate bloom to your space.


Ecoways Swingkart Macrame Swing Chair for Home: The Macrame swing chair for Home & Balcony offered by Ecoways SwingKart is handcrafted to attain the highest-possible quality. This indoor & outdoor swing chair is available with everything required for an easy and comfy setup.


This swing by the company becomes kids’ favorite as soon as you hang it in their room, balcony or garden. This product turns out to be a great chair swing available on your deck while it remains hanging in your indoor or outdoors wherever you prefer. The beats part about it is that it can be ported and relocated to anywhere you want.


SIZE – This Macrame Swing made up of recycled materials is sturdy-enough to bear maximum weight of 120KG. This Swing chair is made of 100% Recycled cotton Macrame threads or rope &naturally procured cane frames.

ACCESSORIES– To make it easier for you to hang this chair, a stainless steel hanging kit remains included with the product. With the help of this hanging kit, this Swing Chair can be hanged in your patio, balcony, or any room of your choice.

FEATURES– It is extremely flexible to use, and can be moved or relocated anytime from and to any location in your house. It is spacious enough to let you read books, write journals, use tablet or PC, or snuggle in the same like a cocoon while enjoying the weather, or watching TV.


Two Suspension Methods:


Ecoways Swing Style – This swing can go back & forth. To use this swinging style, you will need two anchor points while installing.

To use 360 degree rotation swinging style, you will need only one anchor point while installing.




Weight 1.7 kg
Dimensions 63 × 47 × 141 cm

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SwingKart Handmade Round Hanging Red Black Sky Cotton Swing


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