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Ecoways is a group of Eco-freaks who’re willing to bring green waves by

  • Replacing plastic with jute or other sustainable materials.
  • Recycling plastic to make products using single-use and non-recyclable plastic & packaging.
  • Supporting & motivating ecopreneurs who’re willing to create sustainable businesses to reveal a more environment-friendly face of the earth.
  • Providing employment and better livelihood to the underprivileged artisans and craftspersons by bringing their artworks and crafts to masses through the world of the internet.
  • Inspiring people to support ecopreneurship more by not just beginning a sustainable business but also spreading the word and promote those who’re already into it.
  • Bringing the idea of ‘Circular Economy’ more into the trend by overpowering ‘the art of using’ over ‘the power of owning’ a thing, so that growth can be decoupled while consuming finite resources only.

What keeps us going is the very thought that our consistently growing world needs creativity over industrialization and ecopreneurs over entrepreneurs. Then only we will be able to witness a flourished & sustainable future full of Green-Peace and prosperity.

Our Ulterior Motive to Come Up with an E-Commerce Store

No big vision can turn into reality without a community-driven force of like-minded people implementing multiplied efforts, will-powers, and basic finances to keep the movement alive.

While following this selfless approach of becoming friends of the earth, eliminating plastic & promoting, and utilizing what’s substantial and the best for the environment, there’s a need for a financial push. To fulfill that bite-sized requirement to spread the word better, we have come up with an ecoways’ owned e-commerce store. 

Through this store, we are willing to give exposure to the pauperized art-smiths and handicraftsmen who’re not fortunate enough to utilize the digital traction for their betterment but are capable and creative enough to devise artifacts and artworks that may mesmerize and amaze the world with the innovations handcrafted things can introduce.

By offering these artisans an opportunity to get enlisted online and letting them sell their treasure-like arts through our e-commerce store, we intend to make them financially strong and prosper while keeping only pin money for Ecoways to let it grow with time and support & inspire more and more ecopreneurs, and making this thought of a sustainable future more accessible to the world.

What We Stand for?

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We’re willing to create a world where

  • Lush greens flourish, oceans and rivers stream in their full swing without getting burdened with wasted plastic and other materials.
  • Energy is created but in its purest form without harming mother nature in any way.
  • Rural doesn’t signify ‘under-developed,’ ‘no-opportunities’ and urban doesn’t signify ‘pollution’ and ‘over-industrialization; rather, both act as one-space where none left as under-privileged, and all may work and seek opportunities anywhere while befriending the environment to the fullest.
  • Internet and Eco may go hand-in-hand so that we may witness a green & just world.

To build such a future, we want people-power. So, let’s hope together, aim together, plan together, execute together, and lead together towards an environmentally-sound tomorrow.

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